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Santiago Gomez, a native of Mexico City, discovered his passion for cooking as a child while working in his grandfather's avocado crops in Uruapan, Michoacán. His culinary journey began in a local seafood distributor, sparking curiosity as he made deliveries to restaurants in Mexico City. Santiago attended Centro Culinario Ambrosia, one of Mexico City's top culinary academies.

His career led him to NOBU in Miami, where he worked under Executive Chef Thomas Buckley. Santiago later returned to Mexico City to launch NOBU. Throughout his 20-year career, he contributed to notable projects, including the opening of Erawan, a Thai restaurant, and Cantina La 20 in Mexico City.

In 2012, Santiago spent time at Daniel in New York City under renowned chef Daniel Boulud. With extensive hospitality experience, he successfully positioned Cantina la 20 and Tacology at the forefront of Miami's dining scene.

Recognized as a pioneer of modern Mexican cuisine in Miami, Santiago has received numerous accolades, including awards for Best Mexican Restaurant, Best Mexican restaurant in America, and Best Taco in Miami. His social impact extends to founding the non-profit "Recipes for Change" in 2017, promoting social change through food. In 2018, he established a consultancy company specializing in restaurant concepts, kitchen design, and staff training.

In 2021, Santiago moved to Atlanta and co-founded Botanico Hospitality Group, giving life to Palo Santo in 2022. This culinary gem, a modern Mexican supper club nestled in King Plow's vibrant west side Atlanta , beautifully fuses Mexican flavors with Georgia's essence, reflecting Santiago's unwavering commitment to culinary innovation. 

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